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The  T-STEM counselors advocate for students, frames the pathway to college and career for students, and builds strong, supportive relationships with students. In the role of student advocate, the counselors facilitates students in achieving their high school and postsecondary academic goals while supporting their emotional and social needs. The counselors actively promotes student voice so that each student is fully involved in setting goals and is aware of their progress toward achieving those goals. The T-STEM counselors assures students have access to academic opportunities offered by their academy and higher education partners and ensures they enroll in appropriate and rigorous courses. Fostering a collaborative relationship with higher education partners provides an avenue for the counselor to act as student and T- STEM program advocate.

Sharing pertinent assessment data, not only traditional high school assessments but ACT results, with students and teachers fosters an understanding of the academic expectations for college level work and provide them with valuable information to plan for improvement.   It is essential that students are made aware of how their current academic choices are related to their desired postsecondary goals and future career choices.

The content of the guidance program offered in the T-STEM academy would push beyond high school into aspects of the college culture and career pathways especially in the STEM fields and college degrees. College and Career guidance provides essential information to students in making decisions regarding their future.