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The T- STEM academy enables students to experience rigorous, relevant STEM coursework in a strong supportive and collaborative environment. Building a STEM culture is a collaborative effort between students, academy staff, parents and the community. A STEM culture possesses clear expectations of all stakeholders and provides support needed to attain goals while preparing students for success in college and careers in STEM fields.

The T-STEM counselor advocates for students and strengthens the T- STEM culture through emphasizing a college-going awareness in students as well as providing a focus on STEM career preparation. Building culture begins with providing students relevant individual counseling and classroom guidance.

The counselor assists students in the decision-making process of choosing rigorous STEM courses and examining college and career options. Through specifically focused guidance, the counselor assists students in identifying the college and career aspirations and plan to achieve them.

Providing students with an individual STEM Personal Graduation Plan and specific four-year plans enables students to envision the road to success both at high school and into college.

            Counselors communicate with parents through phone conversations, meetings, parent conferences and presentations. A STEM counselor provides parents with a deep understanding of the culture of the academy through:

College Readiness Presentations


  • College Nights and Career Fairs offer students and parents face-to-face opportunities to speak with college representatives and career professionals. If your academy does not sponsor these events, they are available to students through the local school district and the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) college fairs, (accessed 4.29.15). (Click the College Fairs button on the top left.)
  • Financial Aid presentations can be facilitated through the Financial Aid Department of your education partner or other local college and university offices. Some colleges conduct Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) workshops to assist in completion of the forms.
  • Parent Workshops where experts from the academy’s education partner and other colleges to provide parent information regarding college admittance, college entry exams, and college life.