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Virtual STEM Academy at East High School





In 2012, dedicated funding was secured to renovate the underutilized Career & Technology Center at East High School, redesigning the space for evening and Saturday use with the district's innovative Virtual STEM Academy (VSA). Students enrolled in VSA are not included listed as students in East High School or the East T-STEM Academy.  Instead, VSA students maintain enrollment in their registered home schools.


The East T-STEM Academy is one of many quality optional school opportunities for high school students within Shelby County Schools. As a result, participation in the Virtual STEM Academy allows students to maintain their enrollment in the school of their primary enrollment (SCS only) while benefiting from some of the experiences available to students enrolled in the East T-STEM Academy.


VSA students choose one of four Areas of Concentration, each of which consists of four year-long, full-credit courses. Families commit to students attending the Virtual School after school, once per week on average, for hands-on labs and activities.  VSA students complete their online coursework on their own schedules and participate in hands-on live labs after school or on Saturday. Students in the Virtual STEM Academy are racially and ethnically diverse and represent more than 15 SCS high schools, including several at a distance of more than 15 miles from East High School.