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Memphis East - Where Leadership Starts in SCS!

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We strive to maintain the best high school leadership program in Shelby County by seizing and creating opportunities to make our students more confident, better prepared, and highly competitive for their future endeavors.
Thus far in 2019, our students have demonstrated excellence by:
- being selected for TN Boys State hosted by the American Legion,
- Completing and earning individual awards at the JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge summer camp,
- Winning 1st place in team category of the Operation Stand Down - Midsouth 5K Run (Cadets4Vets),
- Hosting the regional West Point Admissions Officer and exploring the opportunity to host an upcoming West Point Leadership and Diversity in STEM (LEADS) event, 
- Presenting the Colors during the National Anthem at Memphis Redbirds game,
- More to follow...
Future Plans: 
In the Spring, we will begin planning to host two new events in Shelby County in the 2020-2021 School Year:
1 - a Target Sprint event which combines middle distance running with 10m air rifle target shooting. (Overview - Participants will run three 400 meter timed running segments with a 10m air rifle shooting iteration between each run.)
2 - Team Duo Armed Drill Competition - Two-person teams performing armed exhibition drill (rifle spinning routine) in competition against other competitive teams
* In the Spring, we will be looking for sponsors of these two events.  Please let us know if you know of a business or organization may have interest.

New, Returning, and Prospective Students at East High School:


We would like to welcome your family into or back to JROTC as part of the Mustang Battalion and to our new website.  As you may know, JROTC is a cooperative effort between the local school system and the Army in over 1560 locations around the world.  Its purpose is to emphasize citizenship, leadership, individual responsibility and, prepare students for high school graduation


We are not recruiting your students to join the military and will not coach them in that direction.


We focus on developing the leader within your student and there are no requirements to join the military, shave your head, or anything along those lines.  We aspire to invest in your student daily and prepare them for life after high school while developing them to understand that they have a greater capacity than they believe they have.


Students enrolled in JROTC courses may earn substitute credit for lifetime wellness, physical education, and personal finance while taking the classes.


Each cadet will be given the opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills; compete as part of extra-curricular teams such as the Color Guard, Drill team, Air Rifle team, or the Robotics team; and participate in physical training and other activities. They can also participate in field trips, present the Nation’s Colors at sporting events and official functions, march in parades, and improve themselves both physically and academically.

JROTC incorporates a military-style structure as a means to teach leadership and responsibility. As such, the students will most likely experience a more structured and disciplined environment than in their other classes.  Each student will be allocated an initial cadet rank based on their academic standing and will be given the opportunity to be selected for or volunteer for leadership opportunities which may enable them to earn a higher rank.




Over the past two weeks, our academic Cadets have been fairly busy.  Our Academic team competed in two Knowledge Bowl rounds and continue to represent East High very well!  More recently on this past Friday, a team of Cadets went to Sharpe Elementary for a Veteran's Day Program where they conducted a Flag Folding Ceremony for the school and presented the colors, good job Cadets!  On Friday, our Marksmanship team took advantage of the half-day schedule to hold a practice and match familiarization for its newest members at the DAI Shop. This past Monday, we marched in the Veteran's Day Parade Downtown and thankfully were able to wrap it up before the first rain drops fell.  That was great news for our cadets who were prepared for the cold and rain. Future Events: the Fraser Parade on the 7th of December, weekly Knowledge Bowl competitions each Tuesday, and a marksmanship match on Thursday! 
High Cadets 1SG Eugene Broadus
JROTC Instructor